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Forging the future of Financial Services technologies

Advisor Anywhere

Cloud technology solutions are fast superseding on-site infrastructure. It’s already in the process of revolutionising countless industries – from law firms to recruitment – bringing a huge competitive advantage to those who embrace it.

Financial Services stands to gain as much from cloud migration as any other sector. A big data breach is an ever-present threat that can carry enormous consequences for both advisors and clients. Paying financial penalties, dealing with regulators and seeing your reputation suffer is the nightmare scenario. Moving to the cloud is the best way to alleviate this risk and work with real peace of mind.

One size doesn’t fit all though. So we’ve leveraged our experience in Financial Services and our expertise in cloud technology to create Advisor Anywhere – a bespoke package that takes the newest tech innovations and tailors it to the unique needs of advisors and networks.

Moore Technology

We’re a cloud-based managed service provider – an official consulting partner with Amazon Web services and a cloud solutions provider to Microsoft. We specialise in creating bespoke technology packages for financial services.

Our Founder : Piers Moore

Piers has been working in Financial services for over 17 years – both in-house for large Financial Services networks and as a service provider for financial advisors. 

With so much experience in Financial Services, Piers knows what matters most to advisors and networks. He’s fluent in the operational and structural nuances of the sector. And he pairs this knowledge with huge consulting experience in Technology Strategy, cloud and network services, cyber security and telecoms.

Take to the cloud for security, flexibility and peace of mind

Advisor Anywhere is our fully-managed cloud desktop service. We help you It moves all your data into the cloud, so you can access your client data and applications securely from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Whether you’re part of a network or directly authorized by the FCA, you have a lot of technical responsibilities – like keeping clients’ financial information secure, keeping your business compliant and buying and upgrading hardware. With Advisor Anywhere, all these things are taken care of. So you can focus on giving your clients the best possible service

Keeping your client data safe

Protecting clients’ data is critical. You’re taking on a lot of risk and responsibly if you store this data on your own laptops and flash drives, or basic cloud storage like DropBox and One Drive.

With Advisor Anywhere, all your client data is stored and protected securely in the cloud.

  • You never have to worry about losing work from your files – even if a device gets lost, stolen or broken.
  • We do all the management work on our end – backups, security, admin and support are all taken care of.
  • We can host dedicated application servers, CRM systems and anything else, all in the cloud.
  • Advisor Anywhere gives you the tools to help you comply with FCA and GDPR compliance regulations.

Collaborate from anywhere – Secure & Seamless

Advisor Anywhere gives you everything you need to collaborate effectively, share data securely with your team (paraplanners or providers) and also share data securely with clients themselves.

  •  Log in from any device and find your desktop exactly as you left it.
  • Work securely from any location. With little more than a screen and an internet connection, you can work the same way you would at the office.
  • Lessen your reliance on physical hardware like laptops, No more lugging equipment around or endlessly unplugging connectors and flash drives.

Enterprise Level Cyber Security

Advisor Anywhere gives you access to industry leading cyber-security tools, like email protection and encryption, real-time threat protection and many more.

If you want to add on any highly specific tools, like Dark Web Monitoring or Cloud-Based Password Management, you’ll find them in our complete suite of security tools.

Powered in the cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive, secure and broadly used cloud platform – trusted by digital giants like Netflix, Facebook and the BBC. It’s packed with over 175 featured services, hosted by data centres across the globe.

You can connect from the most remote locations, simply and securely. You don’t even need an especially fast internet connection – just one with low enough latency.

Pay for what you need and nothing more

If you’re part of a small practice, we know it’s important to be transparent on costs and overheads to make sure you can forecast effectively.

So Advisor Anywhere lets you choose exactly what works for you.

  • Most billing models for technology can lock you into rigid payment plans. But with Advisor Anywhere you can scale your practice up and down on a monthly basis.
  • We use a simple, flexible, month-by-month subscription service where you always see exactly what you’re paying for.
  • With easy remote working and so much of your infrastructure in the cloud, you have the option to cut down on the office equipment you use.
  • Being less reliant on hardware gives you options that could cut your energy use – and your carbon footprint.

Keep your business flexible and scalable

With Advisor Anywhere, your business can grow, move and evolve without tech restrictions.

  • When you hire extra staff, you never need to expand your infrastructure.
  • A cloud desktop means you can break the cycle of continually buying, upgrading and replacing hardware.
  • If you move to a new office or expand into several, everyone just logs on from the new location and you’re ready to go – no matter where in the world that location is.
  • We have flexible contract options, so you don’t have to enter a long-term contract if you don’t want to. You can scale up or down with no penalties.
  • If you want to add on any extras, they’ll integrate seamlessly – keeping your setup flexible, scalable and straightforward. Choose from: Microsoft Office 365, Cybersecurity Suite, Infrastructure as a Service, File cloud, Telecoms, Cloud Managed Networking and Virtual CTO.

Slots in effortlessly with the software you rely on

We’ve built Advisor Anywhere to run in perfect harmony with the kinds of software that are essential to any advisor. If you’re with a network that gives you specific tools to use, Advisor Anywhere will integrate with them and run them from the same secure environment.

Advisor Anywhere is completely compatible with:

  • CRM and Business submission tools such as X Plan, Intelliflow and Curo
  • Mortgage sourcing tools like Trigold and Mortgage Brain

Workaround business disruptions without missing a beat

When you work securely from the cloud, you can calmly work around the kinds of calamities that would bring other practices grinding to a halt.

  • Your data is secured in the cloud, so a failure in even your most important hardware won’t leave you with lost data.
  • If working from the office is suddenly impossible, you can head elsewhere, flip open your laptop and pick up right where you left off.

You’ll never need to spend time creating and maintaining a business continuity strategy. With Advisor Anywhere, your strategy’s already in place