365 Secure Backup & Archive

Despite increased security in the cloud, data loss still happens, 64% of cases are due to user error . Microsoft’s SLA only covers cloud service and not data protection; your productivity data requires 3rd party backup. 365 Protector is an industry leading Microsoft 365 backup solution which protects the complete set of 365 productivity data your business relies on.

Exchange Online content, SharePoint libraries, OneDrive files and folders, 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams data. An organisation’s data in the cloud is just as important as it was previously on physical systems. 365 Protector ensures total security for your 365 data, enabling easy restoration of valuable information.

What can I backup and for how long?

365 Protector will safeguard your SharePoint data, OneDrive data, and your Microsoft 365 Mail. All data for all users is backed up, you do not need to specify who and which files and folders to be included. Schedule backups up to 6 times a day with unlimited retention, allowing you to meet your legal and compliance requirements with ease.

Why use 365 Protector? 

Unlimited backup storage and retention – including deleted users

No data caps, overages or pruning of data

Powerful search and restore capabilities to quickly recover from data loss

Automated discovery scales by identifying new users and content

Retain data from deleted users. Restore to a public or shared mailbox, or to another user

Industry-leading security and compliance support – HIPAA and GDPR, backup data never leaves Azure environment

Software as a Service, operates seamlessly without onsite hardware or software

Multiple snapshots a day ensure backups keep up with user data and specific restores

Recover from Human Error

365 Protector enables your organisation to recover from accidental data loss which could mean permanent loss of business or client information, and significant reputational damage. Accidental error is recognised as the biggest cause of data loss. SharePoint and OneDrive files deleted by administrators are unrecoverable and files deleted by users are permanently removed after 186 days. Microsoft 365 emails deleted in error, either manually or by a mailbox rule are permanently deleted after 30 days. Messages, attachments, and even entire mailboxes can be deleted by users mistakenly or with malicious intent. Restoration of unprotected files may take hours, days or even not at all. Ensure you are fully protected and can recover your business data in minutes.