Built in Disaster Recovery for Business

Disaster recovery is a continual process of review and improvement as your business evolves. Cloud technology provides the perfect mechanism for improvement and change without worrying about investments in hardware, data centres and systems

No duplication of security or connectivity, no duplication of servers and no rush to ensure all of this is working and up-to-date when you have a genuine emergency to deal with.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

As a business owner or senior manager, you understand the critical need to recover rapidly from business continuity incidents, application failures, or malicious attacks. You want to ensure business resilience, and avoid regulatory penalties, while your clients expect constant availability.

Leave the hardware behind

With our cloud DR infrastructure, there is no hardware requirement; this means no capital investment or duplicate provisioning of physical resources. You only pay for your fully provisioned cloud DR site when it is invoked, such as during a disaster or drill.

Drop duplicate software licenses

Our DR solution keeps servers continuously in sync in the cloud, without running any operating system or application licenses; eliminating the cost of duplicate software. During a disaster or drill, you can launch fully provisioned servers, and only then do you need to pay for more comprehensive resources. With the cloud, you get the resilience of a highly available system with near-zero RPOs and RTOs at the cost of a cold standby solution.

Simplify recovery

Our DR solution offers automated orchestration of your systems, this eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual configurations during a disaster.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recover – the benefits

Cloud-based DR is clearly a less expensive (by as much as 50%) when compared to maintaining redundant data centres.

  • Deployment is easy, and access to cloud resources is instantaneous.
  • Run tests easily and quickly for periodic DR drills without disrupting your source environment
  • Perform drills whenever you want, as often as you want
  • Protect physical, virtual, or cloud-based source machines by replicating them into the cloud
  • If your business requires it, build your DR in a different region than your source environment to achieve geographic redundancy
  • With continuous data replication, you should expect near-zero RPO (normally seconds)
  • Recovery times are normally just minutes and you can launch all of your systems in parallel

We understand the challenges smaller organisations face to achieve effective business continuity, fully secure data, and protection from loss of files. We protect your data anytime, anywhere