True Native Cloud Email Security

Mail Protector is our cloud email security platform designed to prevent business email compromise, block phishing, malware, data leakage and account takeover. Our solution operates within your cloud environment, securing each individual Microsoft 365 inbox. It protects against phishing attacks from external sources as well as filtering and blocking compromised internal emails; these are the source of many sophisticated attacks stemming from account compromise and insider threats. This strategy, moves beyond the perimeter-based philosophy of security that was established in the 1990s, and secures the entire environment beyond just the perimeter

APIs within 365 and G-Suite scan for phishing, malware, and data leakage; catching threats missed by Microsoft and Google while adding invisible multilayer security to your O365 suite – Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive; G Suite, Gmail, G Drive, Slack, Box, Dropbox and other online collaboration platforms

AI Trained on Phishing that Evades Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to develop their anti-phishing and anti-malware multi-layer security; yet, hackers consistently innovate methods designed to bypass them. Using specialised AI engines designed to catch threats missed by both Microsoft’s EOP & ATP, and Google filters. Mail Protector uses Artificial Intelligence to build a custom threat profile that blocks attacks specific to your business

Because Microsoft 365 is deployed in thousands of businesses, it can’t afford the disruption of false-positive detections, so its security is built to a specific threshold. Our anti-phishing algorithm runs between these security solutions and the inbox. This enables the AI to train itself specifically on the attacks designed to evade default security and Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection

AI also learns from the cyberattacks missed by other security vendors who integrate with Microsoft’s 365 environment, but lack pre-inbox threat detection. These unique features produce a threat intelligence database that is unparalleled on the email security market

Phishing has changed because email has changed. Built-in security in Microsoft 365 just isnt preventing enough sophisticated Phishing attacks like Business Email compromise (BEC), that blend pin-hole vulnerabilities and social engineering to deceive and manipulate end-users