Every type of small business regardless of industry, should be aware of the threat of cyber-attacks. For many business owners a general awareness doesn’t translate into a focussed recognition of what an attack can do to their livelihoods or how they can take preventative measures.

We know that cyber threats to companies have increased dramatically due to COVID-19; and the increase of employees working from home have exposed many companies’s infrastructures.

It’s easy to assume that cybercriminals would rather target a larger company, but this is far from true. Cybercriminals are aware that small businesses have assets that they need to protect, but lack the budget or knowledge to do so. A high percentage of SMEs experience cyber-attacks, and without a cybersecurity plan, they are easy yet lucrative targets for cybercriminals. Here are some reasons why –

  • SMEs don’t think they will be targeted and haven’t protected their systems
  • Older systems, lack of security protocols and training make them easy targets
  • Cyber criminals know small business store personal data just the like larger organisations
  • SMEs are often targeted as part of an attack in the supply chain of a larger business

In the past small businesses simply couldn’t afford an adequate cybersecurity infrastructure or employ a team of professionals to maintain and monitor a security system. This is no longer the case; Cyber security doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge for small business owners. All business owners should consider the following

  • Do I view cybersecurity as a core risk like any other business risk?
  • Do I want to have a cybersecurity response plan in place?
  • Do I want the tools to detect and stop an attack?
  • Do I need to protect my customers data – and stay fully compliant with GDPR and other regulations?

Our Cyber Security Suite allows you to choose which solutions best suites your business. There are no tie-ins to long contracts, and you can scale your protection up or down according to your business needs, while we manage it all for you remotely.

Mail Protection

Stop malicious emails before they reach you with an extra layer of security that works with Office 365 to stop any suspicious emails slipping through the net. Mail Protector stops phishing emails in their tracks, removes anything dangerous and protects inbound, outbound and internal email from phishing attacks

Identity Protection

A secure password manager that integrates with your web browser. Every time you log in to a programme, Identity Protector creates a unique password and stores it in a secure vault. It lets you log in securely without having to remember long, complex passwords for each website. It can also monitor the Dark Web and warn you if your paswords have been stolen

DUO Two Factor Authentication

Add a second layer of security, keeping your online accounts secure even if your password is compromised. Verify your identity using a second code (like your phone or other mobile device) preventing anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password; and with Duo Push, you will be alerted right away if someone is trying to log in as you.

365 Data Protection

Back up your Office 365 data outside of Microsoft. so even if a catastrophe happens, you’ll always be able to retrieve the work you’ve already done. Instantly find and rapidly restore Email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams data, so you have total peace of mind and stay productive no matter what happens. And with 6 snapshots daily, the backup keeps pace with your business throughout the day.

Encrypted Message Protection

Transform your existing email environment into a secure communications workplace, with point-to-point message encryption and tracking, large file sharing up to 5 GB, and e-signature capability – and the compatibility to work seamlessly with other compliance and security services.

Software Compliance Protection

Close holes in your security by ensuring your software is fully patched and secure. Apply, suppress, postpone, or delay all Microsoft updates; critical, normal, or optional. Automatically deploy patches, version manage, or rollback any update; all with zero interruption to your users

Microsoft 365 Security Audit

Check admin accounts, users, mailboxes, and rules in Microsoft 365 for vulnerabilities and resolve unidentified issues before they become crises. The audit analyses mailboxes for mailbox permissions, forwarding settings, passwords, MFA, elevated admin rights and more. Our Security Audit tool can monitor your environment as events unfold, and in some cases, instantly remediate vulnerabilities.

Dark Web Monitoring

Know straight away if your data’s been stolen. This tool checks on usernames and passwords being sold on the dark web. If it sees anything, it flags it immediately so you can protect yourself from potential cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials Certification & Continuous Compliance

CyberSmart is our Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification service. Quick, simple, and painless certification without the need for penetration testing. Cyber Essentials certification can be awarded within 24 hours. Monitor your business’s devices 24/7, check the status of individual user’s devices for the most up to-date applications, and quickly resolve security issues. Whilst demonstrating continuous compliance to regulators and customers.

Give us a call, we are more than happy provide advice regarding your specific business requiremets and help you find solutions that match your budget. Or, use our Cyber Security Builder tool to start plannng what you need.