Managing your Businesses Impact on Society and the Environment

There are many approaches to ESG commitments, which include reviewing how we use and consume technology, both in terms of lowering cost and also in reducing waste

A simple adjustment is to extend device life and procure fewer devices. But how do we do that without compromising our technical assets?

When considering laptop and PC refreshes, IT leaders should be focussed less on the potential advantages of new devices, and much more on what performance and technology the business need to access.

Virtual desktops (and servers) open up a wide spectrum of opportunities to gain access to the latest technology, whilst supporting sustainability.

  • Reduce the number of physical devices -– a virtual desktop may mean you only need one portable physical device ✔️
  • Tale advantage of BYOD while still providing a managed corporate virtual environment ✔️
  • Increase the life span and increase the ROI of existing physical devices. Access powerful virtual desktops and servers with increased compute and storage capacity far beyond existing physical devices ✔️
  • Access high performance virtual devices for temporary periods according to need ✔️
  • Scale up or down the number of virtual desktops to align with changing business requirements ✔️
  • Avoid the negative affects of old technical assets by simply using them to access up-to-date virtual devices ✔️
  • Incorporate Zero Client technology which can offer an 88% reduction in electrical consumption ✔️
  • Reduce physical waste from old equipment ✔️

Virtual desktops and cloud technology offer business advantages in terms of flexibility, access to higher end technology, scalability and reduce procurement costs. Along with those operational wins, a virtual environment can simultaneously underpin your sustainability efforts as well.

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