Hosted Desktop

Say goodbye to the past.

With Moore Technology’s managed hosted desktops, you’ll have a computer that is accessible
from any internet connected device.

You will always get your own environment with all the same data, applications
and customisations no matter where you are.


No Servers


Have you ever lost your laptop?


 Thanks to the hosted desktops, you won’t have to fear
losing your data if your computer were to disappear.
Your data and applications are hosted on Moore Technology
servers within the Amazon AWS Cloud and therefore
always accessible no matter what happens.





Access Anywhere


Where you want, when you want


 What do you do if you want to access your computer from home,
from the office or from a hotel?

No matter what device you’re connecting from, your experience
of using a hosted desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC.




Cost Saving


Pay as you go


 Thanks to our pay as you go model, you can request
5 new workspaces and cancel them once your employees’ contracts
have ended. This also allows employees to bring their own personal
devices for work (BYOD). The pay as you go model allows you
to quickly scale up or down your business as you require, allowing
you to keep a tight control of your finances




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