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Industry data from The Briefing Frontiers 2020 Trend Predictor highlights from every law firm surveyed, Cloud IT and Case Management as the hot efficiency technology considerations.

We work closely with law firms and you’re telling us Cloud is a top strategic consideration. The question is not when are you going to do it, but where you are at with it and how we can help make it painless, efficient, cost-effective and achieve your targets. 

Lawyers are the busiest people on earth, juggling complex demands, for multiple clients; always on call. Everything is a priority – which means longer working hours. No other business reacts with such immediacy to the demands of its customers.

We partner with you to facilitate a change

We know Lawyers prefer working with trusted suppliers that have already satisfied due diligence.
Change within a law firm is a challenge.

It will happen slowly because lawyers don’t have time to effect these changes. Client demands take priority and a trusted relationship with an existing partner to support them throughout that journey is crucial.

We know that cloud technology is likely to be part of your strategic thinking; We can support you through that process, drawing on our own cloud experience to discuss what it’s like and what the benefits of using it are.

All law firms have a different technology set up; whether you have a strong infrastructure, specialised applications, or challenging legacy systems – a move to the cloud should as stress-free as possible.

Law firms are subject to client security audits more than ever before, and must be able to satisfy requirements around data security, system vulnerability and cyber threats

Andrew Collier

Andrew Collier is a Director of Moore Technology and he brings law and IT experience from both sides of the partnership.

He’s been a CTO for multiple law firms including Nicholson Graham & Jones, K&L Gates LLP and Reynold Porter Chamberlain.

Working for Moore Technology he’s the in-house virtual CTO and account manager, leveraging his insights and experience working in law firms for the last 20 years.

At Moore Technology, Andrew is a Solutions architect, certified by Amazon Web Services and is an expert technician, experienced to guide law firms through the cloud technology transition.

“Clients are increasingly auditing law firms to reassure themselves that their data is secure, as vulnerabilities exist throughout the chain of processes that clients and firms interact through. But is the perception of the threats out there changing?

This research certainly suggests clients are more concerned. An eye-wateringly high 87% of respondents said that they had seen an increase in the number of clients performing security audits on them.

That’s a jump from the already high figure of 72% last year. Curiously, if we split the results between the ‘outcomes-focused’ firms and ‘lawyer-focused’ firms, we see the figure drop to 75% in the former and jump to 92% in the latter

Untether your team from restrictive hardware

With Law Firm Anywhere, you can log in from any device and find your desktop exactly as you left it.

  • A cloud desktop means you can extend the life of your existing desktop hardware or consider less expensive models.
  • Work securely from any location. With little more than a screen and an internet connection, you can work the same way you would at the office.
  • Improve your security by doing away with USB and portable storage drives
    Giving a presentation at a client’s office? Leave all the hardware behind, log in securely from your client’s computer and you’re ready to go.

Workaround business disruptions without missing a beat

When you work securely from the cloud, you can calmly work around the kinds of calamities that would bring other firms grinding to a halt.

  • Your data is secured in the cloud, so a failure in even your most important hardware won’t leave you with lost data.
  • If working from the office is suddenly impossible, your team can head home or to a cafe, flip open their laptops and pick up right where they left off – no licensing restrictions, no security worries.

You’ll never need to spend time creating and maintaining a business continuity strategy. With Law Firm Anywhere, your strategy is already in place.

AWS public cloud infrastructure is one of the most mature platforms in the market and as a result the reliability and functionality of the platform is unrivalled.

We decided to partner with AWS as they have the broadest portfolio of services and a global reach with data centres in regions across the world.

AWS also offers automated scaling options which gives you access to the computing power you need, as and when you need it – paying only for what you use.

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive, secure and broadly used cloud platform – trusted by digital giants like Netflix, the BBC and multiple government agencies.

It’s packed with over 175 featured services, hosted by data centres across the globe.

You can connect from the most remote locations, simply and securely. You don’t even need an especially fast internet connection – just one with low enough latency.

Moore Technology is only the 3rd company ITS have partnered with because they’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of our platform.

They know the pain in the legal sector for hiring expert talent, expensive vendors and contractors; so when they spot an opportunity to make things simpler and more cost-effective, they jump on it.

Leveraging their existing relationship with Moore Technology, ITS implemented this solution in 2018, and have direct experience from a business side of things as to how it works, speed and simplicity of the change and the tangible benefits gained.

Law firms need suppliers they can trust, that are compliant, morally decent and don’t break rules. ITS identified all these qualities in Moore Technology; they are confident we will go the extra mile and work at a pace that suits lawyers and their complex schedules

Enterprise Level Cyber Security

With Law Firm Anywhere, your business can grow, move and evolve without technical restrictions.

• When you hire extra staff, you never need to expand your infrastructure.
• If you move to a new office or expand into several, just log on from the new location and you’re ready to go – no matter where in the world that location is.
• We have flexible contract options, so you don’t have to enter a long-term contract if you don’t want to. You can scale up or down with no penalties.
• If you acquire or merge with another company, they don’t need to change any infrastructure. So, integration is much quicker and simpler.

 More agility in how you work and efficiency

You shouldn’t be restricted by the technology you rely on. And you shouldn’t have to pay for anything you don’t use. So, Office Anywhere lets you choose exactly what works for you.

  • You can scale your business up and down on a monthly basis. Our prices are fixed and you only pay for what you use.
  • We use a simple, flexible, month-by-month subscription service where you always see exactly what you’re paying for.
  • With easy remote working and so much of your infrastructure in the cloud, you have the option to cut down on the office equipment you use.
  • Being less reliant on hardware gives you options that could cut your energy use – and your carbon footprint.

Add on any other Moore Technology products, simply and seamlessly

All the products and services you get from us are designed to work effortlessly with Law Firm Anywhere and with one another.

We can host dedicated servers, CRM platforms and anything else, all in the cloud.

If you want to add on any of these extras, they’ll integrate seamlessly – keeping your technology platform flexible, scalable and straightforward.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cybersecurity suite
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • File cloud
  • Telecoms
  • Cloud Managed Networking
  • Virtual CTO

Enjoy some peace of mind

Everything we do at Moore Technology is about removing technical complexity so you can focus on your clients and your business.

• We do all the management work on our end – backups, security, admin and support are all taken care of. And there’s just one number to call when you need help.
• Law Firm Anywhere gives you the tools to help you comply with GDPR and other data regulations like FCA and HIPAA – including 256bit encryption.
• You get built-in protection from cyber attacks; But if your business requires highly specific security tools, like Dark Web Monitoring or Cloud-Based Password Management, you’ll find them in our complete suite of industry-leading security tools.
• You’ll never have to worry about losing work from your file servers – even if a device gets lost, stolen or broken. All your data’s safe in the cloud. And we have three different tiers of automatic file backups as standard.