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Swapping out the tech relics of the past for the tools of the future

What we do

We take away your tech troubles

We’re a cloud-based managed service provider. We help you swap out your expensive, cumbersome computing systems for something more flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient – and we manage it all for you remotely.

Lifestyles have changed, and tech services have been lagging behind

This is the reason we founded Moore Technology in 2012. All our industries are becoming more flexible, more interconnected and more tech dependent. We need to be agile, we need ways to work from anywhere, and we need the right balance between life and work.

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“Since I am out on-site throughout the day I needed a solution that would allow me to access my data and applications wherever I am.

Now all my data is secure and backed up in the cloud, and my engineers can easily access our spreadsheets directly from their iPhones.

This means we can stay up to date whilst on the move”

JC Electrical
James Couchman (Director)

Since I only have a 1Mb satellite link at home, I needed a solution that would give me the performance I needed no matter what internet connection I use.

Using my Hosted Desktop my applications are connected to the internet at over 300Mbs, even if I’m at home or connected via 3G.”

Signpost Financial
Nigel McTear

With ever stricter regulatory requirements and concerns about security and GDPR compliance, we decided to adopt a fully managed solution from Moore Technology.

Now our employees can work trouble free from multiple locations and devices using our Hosted Desktops.

Since we only pay for what we use, we can keep a tight control on our costs as our business grows.”

Ten Financial (Openwork UK)
Michael Evans (Practise Principal)

After losing data on our local NAS storage for the second time, we approached Moore Technology to provide us with a new solution. We wanted something that would not only ensure the security and integrity of our data, but also provide a better remote access experience. Our “office Anywhere” bundle means we can work from anywhere and always have a consistent experience

Arigal Consulting (Intrinsic Financial Services)
Jeremy Kosiner (Practise Principal)

We make tech support far more supportive

Here at Moore Technology we have you covered

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We stay loyal to customers, not providers and we use the same products we sell.

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