Cloud-Managed Networking

Our network management is quick, comprehensive and proactive

Cloud Managed Networking

Small businesses’ networking needs tend to fall into a budgetary no-man’s-land –
significant enough to be a continual tech headache, but not enough to justify hiring a network manager.

Cloud Managed Networking is a comprehensive, cost-effective answer to this problem.

We manage everything remotely

We can set up and maintain your switches, firewall and WiFi access points. We can also include guest WiFi and SD WAN, which allows you to connect securely into Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

We give you the hardware you need, and then we sit in the background, doing all the heavy lifting – so you never need to worry about it.

We manage everything through a cloud controller, giving you secure, high- performing access to the cloud.

You’re never waiting in line with other customers

We manage all our customers’ networks centrally. This makes network setup and maintenance quicker, easier and more efficient.

For example, every time a security update is available, we roll it out to every device straightaway.

It also means you only need to pay for very specific tools, without spending on anything extra you don’t

Tech Specs
  • Pro-active remote monitoring of your devices
  • Pre-emptive fault avoidance
  • Just-in-time, automated toner supply
  • User, desktop and network technology support
  • More than 30% of faults fixed remotely
  •  UK wide on-site servicing and support
  • Fleet management to maximise performance

Proactive monitoring is built into cloud managed networking

We’re always on the lookout for problems to solve, rather than waiting for them to be reported. Issues get automatically flagged to us, so we can take swift action before they turn into more substantial issues