About Us

Offload your tech woes and focus on what matters most.

We take away your tech troubles

We’re a cloud-based managed service provider.

We help you swap out your expensive, cumbersome computing systems for something more flexible, scalable, secure and cost-efficient – and we manage it all for you remotely.

Remote working solutions Moore Technology

Lifestyles have changed, and tech services have been lagging behind

This is the reason we founded Moore Technology in 2012.

All our industries are becoming more flexible, more interconnected and more tech dependent. We need to be agile, we need ways to work from anywhere, and we need the right balance between life and work.

Tech services have been way too slow in adapting. Too many are still selling the same old services – highly profitable for them but expensive, rigid and high-maintenance for customers.

We swap the tech relics of the past for the tools of the future

When we started building our business, we had a long laundry list of challenges we wanted to solve for our clients:

Lift The Load

If you’re a small business and you’re not immersed in the tech world, you often end up making big decisions that should never be on your plate, to begin with.

You shouldn’t have to keep a constant eye on your data compliance and cybersecurity. Or take educated guesses at how obsolete a system will be at the end of an inescapable, multi-year contract.

We lift those issues off your to-do list and let you focus on what you do best.

Tech that helps (not hinders) healthy work-life balance

Finding the right tech setup used to be about minimising the inevitable stresses and restrictions. But now we have the tools to make it a source of freedom, piece of mind and new opportunities.

You can work, recruit and collaborate from anywhere in the world – all you need’s an internet connection. Your data compliance and cybersecurity are all taken care of, so they’ll never give you a sleepless night.

Whatever the future brings, you have the freedom and agility to adapt quickly. You can arrange your work around your life – not the other way around.

Staying loyal to customers, not providers

We’re brand agnostic. We select and sell the products that work best for our customers, regardless of who develops them.

We have a very simple, practical way of staying true to this commitment: we use the same products we sell.

And we have high standards.

If something on the market isn’t built, maintained or priced well enough for us to happily use it day after day, we don’t recommend it to you.

Making different systems work seamlessly together

Our cloud services are powered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

These industry giants give us access to their huge capabilities and advancements. On these platforms, all our products and services work together effortlessly, with no conflicts or overlaps.

They’re modular too – you can add, remove and replace any system without having to rethink your infrastructure.

We’ve done all the work on quality, flexibility and compatibility, so don’t even have to think about it.

Making tech support far more supportive

When you only have one tech provider, all your problems and questions get fixed and answered by a single team.

One of the main reason we created Office Anywhere was to end the ‘triangulation of blame’ – where you call one provider to say something’s gone wrong, only for them to tell you it’s another provider who needs to shoulder the blame.

So with Office Anywhere, your tech support contact list will contain only one entry.

You make one call, leave it with us and get on with your day.

Keeping you on the cutting edge

Too many tech providers demand a long-term commitment.

We offer a month-by- month, flexible partnership. For numerous reasons. When you start using a specific system, you need to know it’ll work well with all the new developments and innovations that are just around the corner.

Some providers also have a habit of signing you up for a service that’s no better on the last day of your contract than it was on the first. Not us.

We’re always upgrading, testing and tweaking to bring you services that start out as the best in the market and stay there.

The Management Team

The management team have decades of industry-specific experience in this sector.

Piers Moore

Founder and Managing Director

Piers has over 20 years experience working within the financial services sector on IT strategy and technology roadmaps. Piers founded Moore Technology in 2012 and his focus is twofold; making sure the service portfolio is competitive and versatile, using the most advanced technologies and also strategic oversight on the AWS platform.

Piers also has significant expertise in working with clients as their virtual CTO to share their long-term technology strategies.

Piers is an avid musician, loves to play guitar is his local band. In his spare time he also enjoys hang-gliding and driving supercars at Folembray every year.

Andrew Collier


Andrew is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with 20 years experience gained in international law firms and the oil exploration industry and he joined Moore Technology in 2020.

Andrew has led and developed technology teams in Europe,
Middle East, SE Asia and the United States. He is one of our virtual CTO’s, assisting law firms to extend cloud functionality into enterprise environments and define digital cloud transformation strategy.

Andrew’s main focus is developing and maintaining relationships with our law firm customers, and providing virtual CTO services.

Andrew loves to travel, kayak in warm weather only and has an keen interest in horology.

Justin Edwards

Consulting Partner

Justin Edwards is Managing Director and Founder of ITS Recruitment and ITS Works. Justin has valuable insight into Law Firms gained by over 25 year experience recruiting IT leaders and developing innovative solutions for them. ITS Works is the ITS brand for delivery of these solutions which include managed service desk operations and workflow automation. He also co-founded and runs the Legal Tech Service Delivery forum launched in 2017.

ITS Works decided to partner with Moore Technology because they recognised the value of the product for the legal sector having implemented it themselves.
As businesses they share the same values which make them ideal partners in delivering the ‘Law Firm Anywhere’ product.

With two very active children, Justin spends most of his spare time as a taxi service. He is also a keen shot with a rifle and has recently started learning bass guitar. As an FA Level One qualified coach he has coached a boys football team
for 5 years and now coaches an u14 girls team at his local youth football club.

Alex Murray

Commercial Director

Alex spent 22 years in FMCG Supply Chain and Logistics leading Sales, Operations and Account Management teams. He has vast experience working with SMEs and large corporates, both internationally and UK-wide, from C-suite to board level.

In 2019 Alex moved to Moore Technology where his previous experience of sales, contract management, problem-solving and disaster recovery have stood him in good stead.

As a passionate ex rugby player and supporter, Alex is a team-player and is customer focused. Alex is committed to understanding the needs of our clients and is dedicated to ensuring a solution that is fit for purpose not just now but for the future

Margaret O’Keefe

Financial Controller

Margaret has a wealth of experience working with business across many sectors.

Since joining Moore Technology in 2019 she has ensured the smooth running of our business operations, helped build a sustainable business model and provided the highest level of service to our customers.

Despite being a workaholic, Margaret enjoys international travel and discovering new cuisines.

Dan Jones

Non-Executive Adviser

Dan is a non-executive adviser to Moore Technology. He is a senior advisor for our business strategy and works alongside Piers to help define the future roadmap for the business including growth planning & product diversification, as well as general commercial advice to ensure the success of the business.

Dan is a highly successful business owner and currently sits on the board of a number companies advising on strategy and growth, he also co-owns a property company specialising in realising value on land & building sustainable developments.

Dan is a keen golfer and is a level 2 qualified rugby coach, as well as being interested in the restoration of classic cars.

Moore Technology Remote Working Solutions
Cloud solutions Remote working Moore Technology
Remote Working Solutions Moore Technology
Moore Technology Remote Working Solutions
Remote Working Solutions Moore Technology