Partner Programme

Partner Programme

Software Vendors

Moore Technology provides high performance, resilient and scalable hosting environments for software providers.

We fully manage the process of enabling the delivery of your software as a service (SaaS) so that that there is no need to employ specialist resources in-house.

We’ll manage the process for you.


If you’re looking for a strategic but visible partner to your business, and want to be able to refer potential clients directly to us so that Moore Technology provide the consultations, audits, proposals, demos and meetings, and eventually provide the solution directly to the client, then the Introducer route may be of interest.

If the client chooses to take more services from us further down the line, you will also
receive additional commission. Moore Technology will provide all the support and bill the client directly; once you’ve made the initial introduction, we can handle the whole process.

Reseller Scheme

If you’re looking to provide additional cloud services to your clients, but don’t want to build your own hosting portfolio, then our Re-seller Scheme is the perfect choice for your business. You maintain the relationship with your client, whilst we provide the services.

You’ll pay the reseller rates from us allowing you to control the billing and margins with your customers.