Why Advisor Anywhere?

Advisor anywhere is a cloud-based desktop service for Financial Advisors. It allows access to all your key software, with an emphasis on security and compliance. It also allows you to share sensitive information with your team or clients from any device, from anywhere in the world with the knowledge it will be sent securely.

Why cloud-based services?

You can use Cloud-based services from anywhere and without having to install software on different devices. It means access is genuinely remote and secure for all the members of the team that use it. Advisor Anywhere is just one of our latest cloud-based software solutions.

What if I already use OneDrive to share my files with my team?

OneDrive is great for storing files in the cloud and sharing them with your team, but it has its limits. Advisor Anywhere is a Cloud-based Desktop that means you can access all your software, files or folders from any device without worrying about whether you have saved it to the desktop hard drive or on other cloud-based storage systems. Advisor Anywhere also ensures your data is shared securely.

What should I consider when storing financial information in the cloud?

Depending on the area you live you will need to consider such things as GDPR (Europe) or the Data protection act. You also need to consider how secure this information is stored. Advisor Anywhere uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), which means you know that the information is secure and meets guidelines set by your country.

Why does Advisor Anywhere use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and what is it?

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services from data centres globally. Advisor Anywhere uses AWS because its core infrastructure is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organisations.

Do I need to use everything from Advisor Anywhere or is it modular?

If you’re part of a small practice, we know it’s important to be transparent on costs and overheads to make sure you can forecast effectively. So, Advisor Anywhere lets you choose exactly what works for you.

Is Advisor Anywhere only available to Financial Advisors?

Advisor Anywhere is created with financial services in mind. However, we can create a cloud-based solution tailored to your requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

What does Advisor Anywhere provide me?

Advisor Anywhere gives you access to:

  • A virtual secure  private network in AWS
  • Virtual desktops on the latest software versions
  • Enterprise level security data storage
  • Access to your applications from any device
  • Compliance with industry-standard data regulations
  • Multi-layered cyber security

Can I use Advisor Anywhere on different devices, like my mobile, tablet, or desktop? Can I safely use somebody else’s computer to access it?

You can access Advisor Anywhere from any device or computer and YES! It is safe. You can work securely from any location with nothing more than a screen and an internet connection. It will feel like you are working the same way you would at the office.

Will Advisor Anywhere work with my current financial software?

Absolutely. Advisor Anywhere is completely compatible with: CRM and Business submission tools such as X Plan, Intelliflow and Curo and Mortgage sourcing tools like Trigold and Mortgage Brain

Why choose Advisor Anywhere over the next leading cloud-based software?

Moore Technology founder, Piers Moore has been working in financial services for over 17 years – both in-house for large Financial Services networks and as a service provider for financial advisors.

With so much experience in Financial Services, Piers knows what matters most to advisors and networks. He’s fluent in the operational and structural nuances of the sector; and he pairs this knowledge with huge consulting experience in technology strategy, cloud and network services, cyber security, and telecoms.

We are an official consulting partner with Amazon Web services and a cloud solutions provider to Microsoft, specialising in creating bespoke technology packages for financial services.

Did we miss anything?

If you have further questions about Advisor Anywhere, how to move to the cloud whilst meeting security and compliance needs, or would like more information about partnering with Moore Technology to achieve this, contact us to discuss your requirements.