Managed Wifi

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Managed Wifi

As a client, when you visit an office for a meeting or go out for a business dinner, there’s an expectation that you’ll be able to access the internet quickly and securely. For business’s it’s important to be able to provide secure WiFi access and in some instances access to company resources – all without compromising network security and maintaining GDPR compliance. Guest WiFi is that secure solution.

Secure guest WiFi connections

Using our cloud managed WiFi service, we can create a seamless experience for your clients and customers. We can provide them with secure access to your network resources, without fear of breaching your infrastructure. Managed Guest WiFi opens automatically and connects guests to your network. It creates a one-off login which will allow people to reconnect instantly when they return to your building. Customers can use their email, Facebook or Apple ID to login and you can ask for additional contact details such as phone number or postcode.

Where will your office be today?

Gathering valuable customer data

Having Managed Guest WiFi presents an opportunity for gathering valuable customer data for marketing purposes – putting you in the unique position of being able to clearly understand your customer demographics. You can reach your customers wherever they are: on their mobile and on the go. With simple reporting utilities from the portal, you can serve innovative marketing campaigns to keep in touch with new and existing customers.

Automating your marketing campaigns

Managed Guest WiFi allows you to create your own branding and build a new marketing touchpoint for your business. We provide businesses with customer insights, enabling them to create effective automated marketing campaigns, while also delivering Wi-Fi users a safe connection, without the need for passwords. You can retain your customers using hassle-free, intelligent marketing tools that won’t impact your costs.

Synchronise your customer mailing lists

Managed Guest WiFi allows you to send timely, personalised messages for an immediate response. It eliminates the need for ‘join our mailing list’ incentives, manual data entry or pulling together spreadsheets of data from multiple sources.
The captive portal will capture the data you need and want, on autopilot.



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