A Strategic Partnership with ITS Works


Why did we partner with ITS Works? Early in 2020, Moore Technology identified the LegalTech vertical as a sector which had been slow to adopt Cloud Technology, perhaps viewing it through a tactical lens rather than a strategic one. This is despite Cloud Technology offering Law firms a paradigm shift in strategy that once understood can’t be ignored.

We had worked with ITS to migrate their own infrastructure to a cloud platform and through that process identified each other’s strengths and knowledge which formed the foundation for collaboration and a strategic partnership –

Legal IT powered by Amazon Web Services, delivered by legal technology experts

ITS Works is a division of ITS that focusses on bringing innovative solutions to law firms beyond its core recruitment service. ITS are fluent in the cultural, operational, and structural nuances of law firms, and their mission is simple: to identify where value can be added through their own expertise or partnering with exceptional businesses that they have worked with themselves.

ITS founder Justin Edwards is known for his insight in the Legal Technology sector, and has a broad network developed over 25 years of working in this space. Moore Technology Technical Director and AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Andrew Collier has been delivering technology projects with international law firms in EMEA and the United States for over 20 years. With Justin and Andrew’s combined experience we believe we bring a level of understanding of law firm culture which sets us apart from generic suppliers.

Law firms were already undertaking the largest change activity ever undergone across the sector, even before Covid-19 arrived. Now is the time to rethink IT strategy.