Compliance Protector

Compliance Protector gives you the tools to manage your software inventory and keep it fully patched and secure. Apply, suppress, postpone, or delay all Microsoft updates; critical, normal, or optional. Employ zero user interruption & silent software installation on the fly: schedule and force reboots outside of business hours. Automatically deploy 3rd party patches, version manage, or roll back any update. Install or uninstall 3rd party applications and schedule using the local endpoint’s clock. Access and apply patches within an average of four hours from release

Full Software Asset Management

Compliance Protector provides both Automated Vulnerability management and full Software Asset Management. Identify software assets in your inventory, their version and installed volume. Generate inventory reports for auditing and to support your compliance programs. Close vulnerabilities in your security while demonstrating compliance for software and security audits

Are you in Control?

More than 80% of all attacks happen by using exploits in 3rd party software. With Compliance Protector you have complete visibility and control of your software inventory, update, upgrade, rollback, even lock versions of software to specifically match your requirements