Cloud migration offers a huge opportunity to evolve your organisation’s governance processes. Proactively validating requirements and obligations doesn’t just optimise for the cloud, it improves your business

Define your requirements for security, cost, and ongoing oversight for your cloud journey; ensure processes are optimised and consistently followed

  • Global Regulatory and Industry Expectations: Review the controls, processes, and documentation required to satisfy regulatory and industry expectations
  • Cloud Governance Structure: Review strategy, resourcing, and ongoing support for the management, control operation, and oversight of your organisation’s cloud journey

Formalising your operating model for service levels, cost allocation and operation is a critical element of cloud governance, and should include:

  • Determining the acceptable level of security and controls you require, balanced with the flexibility and agility you need to do business
  • Manage security, risk, and compliance practices by employing automation, policies and technology to enforce control requirements
  • Ensure your cloud environment has been architected to be secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient

It is important to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your cloud environment

  • Quantifying and communicating key elements will promote a common understanding within your business
  • Ensure transparency around resource utilisation and identify opportunities to optimise costs.
  • Regularly assess controls and effectiveness for continuous improvement

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