Have your tape and eat it


Tapes are a headache, prone with hardware failures, offsite storage costs, and constant maintenance needs; but you have invested time and resources in developing your archival processes to support your businesses governance, regulatory compliance and probably your business continuity plans. So how to solve the conundrum? Simple, keep all of that investment and point it at a digital archive.

AWS Virtual Tape Gateway allows you to replace physical tapes on premise with virtual tapes in the cloud without changing existing backup workflows. Easily point trusted backup software at an on-premises Storage Gateway that, in turn, connects to AWS storage to deliver the scale and durability of the cloud for safe long-term retention, without disrupting existing investments or processes.

Tape Gateway supports all leading backup applications and caches virtual tapes on premises for low-latency data access. It compresses data and transitions virtual tapes between Amazon S3 storage and long term Amazon S3 Glacier, or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. This makes it feasible for you to retain long-term data in the cloud at very low cost. With Tape Gateway, you only pay for what you consume, with no minimum commitments and no upfront fees.This is all managed by AWS, so you dont have to.

Confident and Compliant with 99.999999999% of data durability

 Data is encrypted at rest and in transit between the gateway and AWS for secure data transfer. Tape Gateway supports Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) and Tape Retention Lock, helping you protect your data from malicious or accidental data deletion, and comply with industry regulations for data that you need to retain for compliance purposes. Tape Gateway is HIPAA eligible and PCI compliant, and offers FIPS 140-2 compliant endpoints to protect even the most sensitive data.

Tape Gateway emulates physical tape libraries, removes the cost and complexity of managing physical tape infrastructure, and provides more durability than physical tapes, in fact 99.999999999% of durability! You don’t need to purchase tape libraries, handle magnetic tape media, clean tape cartridges, or deploy resources to manage them. You also don’t need to invest in and manage expensive migrations from older physical tapes to newer generation media.

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