Office v Remote or a Blend of Both?


The pandemic and the need to work remotely over the last year has caused many people to pause and reconsider their pre covid lifestyle and the quality of life outside the workplace and its ubiquitous commute.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, commented, it’s as simple as work at home “forever” if you want to, while Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion is that working from home is a no-brainer given his expectation that at least half of the FBs workforce will work from locations outside its offices within a decade.

Fujitsu’s “Work Life Shift” programme offers significant flexibility to its 80,000-strong workforce in Japan, with flexible working hours and working from home being standard


Office or Home Working?

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Most people agree that the office will retain an important part in the future, the experience of working from home has changed the purpose of existing office space for many, with emphasis now on in-person collaboration, client meetings and reduced occupational density.

For many people and organisations, the decision has less to do with working at home versus working in the office, and more to do with providing the flexibility to adjust work hours to accommodate the school run or keep an eye on their plumber.

All of which is dependent on the ability of the workforce to adopt or continue flexible working, and for the organisation to have the systems in place not just to support this but evolve and thrive as they would pre-pandemic.