Secure Messaging Platform


Message Protector is our Encrypted Messaging & Digital Rights platform. Data is stored in a secure messaging database and transported over an API (HTTPS) transport pipe for encryption at rest in the data jurisdiction of your choice. With only one copy of the secured information, senders can readily maintain control over their content, including the ability to prevent the downloading or forwarding of material, guaranteed message recall, PIN code and even limit the time sensitive information is made available for viewing. The secure database model facilitates the concept of a Secure Community and a private, by invitation only directory. Since the identity of collaborators is known to you, their messages form a “verified inbox” of content, effectively eliminating impersonation and ransomware attacks.


Electronic Signature


Message Protector’s built-in Electronic Signature is superior because it is secure, and you can confirm both the authenticity of documents and signatories. Produce a full chain of custody with activity tracking and document versioning. Eliminate the need to follow up with notifications, reminders, and deadlines. Message Protector supports stylus, finger, stamp,typed signatures and advanced PIN.

Protect your IP with Digital Rights Management

Secure e-Signature and Document Approval

Why use Message Protector?


  • Prevent unauthorized document use with Digital Rights message controls
  • View real-time message notifications including who opened, responded to, or forwarded a message
  • Password-protect messages and attachments for added security
  • Securely share files up to 5 GB from any device, regardless of other limits in place.
  • Provide a legal e-signature and request legally binding e-signatures on documents and images
  • Simplify e-discovery and retrieval with a unique message ID and provable notification of delivery and open times


Protect your Data and your Business


Message Protector is the leader in email encryption and file security, used and trusted in virtually every industry to protect sensitive information and support regulatory compliance. You can do everything from the comfort of your inbox. Access both secure and regular messages as well as OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive files. Securely hosted by Microsoft Azure with no MX record hassle or server infrastructure to set up