Advisor Anywhere

The Demand for professional financial advice is high, however, financial advisers are also under immense pressure and face significant business and technological challenges.

A massive 80% of advisers say the compliance burden and regulatory change are their top business challenges; With half saying it’s their top business challenge. Larger firms cite technology investment as another major burden and are often frustrated with existing systems

There is a slew of challenges facing financial advisors, but with that said it’s surprising to find that a tiny 6% of advisors consider Cyber Security as an issue. Given that compliance is predicated on a safe and secure digital environment it’s surprising that the relationship between the two isn’t recognised by many firms. Amongst those firms that have recognised Cyber Security as vital to their business, many are keen not just to protect their digital assets but ensure that they can demonstrate this to their clients who are becoming more aware of potential threats to their own business via their advisors.

Financial services firms are prime targets for cyber attackers and should ensure their providers are able to offer them the tools and systems to safeguard their business.

Moore Technology has created Advisor Anywhere with these challenges in mind. Advisor Anywhere Offers a platform with predictable costs, always current software, and multi-layer Cyber Security tools to protect your business.

Moore Technology is a specialist in cloud technology that provides the same user experience and corporate governance whether working remotely on the road or in the office. Our Advisor Anywhere service provides financial advisors with the tools to support their clients, and meet regulatory compliance, whilst shedding the complexity and maintenance of traditional systems.

Advisor Anywhere is part of the Moore Technology cloud services suite