Many of our customers have increased their requirements around data governance, data availability and durability all of which we are easily able to address by taking advantage of the world class security and compliance services available to us in Amazon Web Services. However, there is one specific requirement which requires a little more thought; what happens to your data if for instance we cease to function as a Managed Service Provider? As unlikely as that may be, it’s a valid question likely to be posed by any compliance or risk professional worth their salt.

To provide a genuine response to this scenario we have partnered with Escrow London to offer Data Holding Escrow services to our clients. What this means is that a copy of your data will be held by Escrow London and update by us on a frequency which suits you.

In the unlikely event of a data release being triggered, Escrow London will offer full support to you the beneficiary and guide you through what can be a daunting and difficult situation. This service is unique to Escrow London and is one of the reasons why we chose to partner with them.

Escrow London’s mission is for our clients to be comfortable that their data will be accessible and usable. In the same way that Moore Technology offer the highest standards in security and compliance to our customers, Escrow London ensure your data is fully protected with – data encrypted in transit and at rest, 256 bit level encryption, SFTP transfer and ISO27001 certification

There are no set up fees and no release fees. Pricing includes Automated Deposit of file backup and database directly to Escrow London. For companies already using an existing escrow vendor, there is a free transfer service for existing agreements.

We are confident that this partnership combined with our existing security and protection of your corporate data and intellectual property will give you full peace of mind.