Should I use a Virtual CTO?


The answer is it depends…

Small to mid-sized companies may want to initiate new technology projects but aren’t ready to take on a full time CTO. This is where a virtual CTO is a perfect fit. A vCTO can provide the executive-level expertise to exploit capabilities within their current environment, achieve business goals and define future requirements. This allows smaller firms to compete with larger organisations.

Moore Technology vCTO Advantage

Lower costs: With a vCTO you can consume technology strategy services to match your needs and budget

Diversity of talent: When you engage with Moore Technology our vCTOs are supported by our other directors, subject matter experts and technical specialists

Diversity of experience: Our technical teams have a wide breadth of experience in multiple industries and technology fields

Trusted adviser: Our vCTO will advise and align technologies that will fulfil the strategic needs and objectives of your business. Ensuring objectives are achieved, risks are managed, and resources are used responsibly.

A Virtual CTO can provide clarity to ensure you are making sound, cost effective technology decisions
Businesses that recognise technology trends and build opportunities into their strategies have a higher level of success than those that do not

Our Virtual CTOs assist business to:


  • Asses the market and identify competitive services and opportunities for innovation.
  • Identify and prioritise initiatives and discuss best technological road maps.
  • Budget and forecast information systems investment.
  • Investigate applicable emerging technologies to fuel business growth.
  • Architect current and emerging technology in line with the business.
  • Ensure investment in software licensing is optimised and legal.
  • Plan security policies to protect data and intellectual property loss.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning to prevent business disruption
  • Develop backup strategies to protect valuable data.
  • Establish governance to meet regulatory compliance and client-information privacy.
  • Plan hardware, software acquisition, Cloud deployment and bid specifications.
  • Assist technical-staff selection through interviewing.
  • Outsource and vendor-contract management.


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