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Cloud Governance for Financial Services

When we speak to our financial services customers who are planning a move to the cloud, the question of security is usually high on their agenda. Often the requirement for security is quite rightly front of mind, however, achieving this in a cloud environment is not necessarily something they are familiar with.

The following areas are some of the key considerations that financial services should be aware of when thinking about protecting their most confidential data.

  • 1.Achieving compliance
  • 2.Data protection
  • 3.Isolation of computer environments
  • 4.Automating audits
  • 5.Operational access and security

For many business and technology leaders, agility, the ability to break down data silos, and proactively address risk and compliance requirements are some of the top factors driving cloud adoption.

In this short article, we will cover Achieving Compliance, we will look at the other considerations in coming posts.


Achieving compliance

For financial services, the first step is to establish that their cloud environment can meet baseline compliance needs.

A key prerequisite is to understand that cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft secure their cloud networks very well, generally meeting all relevant legal and regulatory requirements; but this doesn’t mean customers are completely off the hook when it comes to securing their own data. Just like a traditional network, customers have to control and manage the security of their content, applications, systems, and networks.

For organisations without the in-house technical knowledge or resources to manage their side of the security model, a managed service provider like Moore Technology can bridge that requirement. We understand the cloud security model and how this relates to financial services.; and our Advisor Anywhere product has been developed specifically to support financial advisors in the cloud.

Using AWS audit reports and certifications, Moore Technology can assist customers to assess and validate the security and compliance of the cloud infrastructure and services that they use

These reports will assist you to:

  • Demonstrate to auditors and regulators the compliance of your cloud architectures during system design, development, and audit life cycles.
  • Validate for audit purposes that your network access controls are operating effectively.
  • Allow you to provide audit reports to your auditors or regulators as evidence of AWS security controls.
  • Understand any additional security controls you should put in place to support the specific use cases of your system.

AWS provides several compliance reports from third-party auditors who have tested and verified compliance with a variety of global, regional, and industry-specific security standards and regulations – ISO, PCI, SOC, and other regulatory standards.

If you have further questions about Advisor Anywhere, how to move to the cloud whilst meeting security and compliance needs, or would like more information about partnering with Moore Technology to achieve this, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Data protection

Financial services use comprehensive data loss prevention strategies to protect confidential information. Customers using AWS data services can employ encryption to mitigate the risk of disclosure, alteration of sensitive information, or unauthorised access.

AWS provides excellent tools to ensure your corporate data is encrypted, but this requires a degree of knowledge and experience typically beyond most customers. Moore Technology handle this for you, ensuring you can demonstrate a level of control that meets regulatory requirements for using encryption as a data privacy mechanism.

In addition to managing this for you, Moore Technology offer additional security applications within the Advisor Anywhere product that build on the core AWS platform and create a comprehensive security model for financial advisors.

For further information about Advisor Anywhere, or our full suite of security products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Moore Technology provides the high level of security expected by its financial services customers by leveraging Amazon’s virtual private cloud (VPC) technology. Within a VPC we are able protect and insulate our customers’ highly confidential data, by ensuring your network is separated from other customers.

Our customers ask how we ensure data is not transmitted accidentally to another customers’ network. Simple, within the AWs VPC environment it is impossible for information to pass between multiple networks without specific authorisation.

Most financial advisors require that data stays private whenever possible and should not leave their network unless specifically required. Amazon provides the tools to shield your network and data from the public internet, and Moore Technology will ensure that your data never leaves Amazon’s global network unless that is your intention.

If you have further questions about Advisor Anywhere, how to move to the cloud whilst meeting security and compliance needs, or would like more information about partnering with Moore Technology to achieve this, contact us to discuss your requirements.


Automating audits

Visibility into your user’s activities, how your system is configured and any changes that are made to those resources area critical components of IT governance which can directly affect the compliance obligations of financial advisors.

Traditional on-premises solutions are often complex and usually, come with a costly technical and licensing overhead. Moore Technology address this using a centralised monitoring solution to identify who did something, what was affected, and when the event occurred. Even Admin users are monitored ensuring all activities are transparent and compliant.

Moore Technology also use automated tools to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of system resources against internal guidelines and even review configuration histories.

Both services help customers ensure compliance with their internal policies and regulatory standards by providing a history of activity within their AWS account.

If your organisation lacks the technical knowledge or resources to set up and maintain these services, get in contact with us to discuss how we can help.


Operational access and security

Our financial services customers tell us that they need a clear understanding of how their data is accessed and what controls are in place to ensure that unauthorised access does not occur. We build our Advisor Anywhere networks in Amazon Web Services because it offers multi-layered controls that use preventative and detective measures to ensure that only authorised individuals have access to corporate and customer data.

We can also provide independent third-party examination reports which can be shared with your auditors to demonstrate how AWS achieves key compliance controls and objectives


Moore Technology uses Amazon Web services for its financial services customers because of the ease with which its existing security and compliance measures can applied to protect data and remove barriers to a successful and compliant cloud migration.

If you have questions moving to the cloud whilst meeting security and compliance needs, or would like more information about Advisor Anywhere, please contact us to discuss your requirements.